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  • Mick Darwin I will be testing of this 'social media'site the next day or three: for I am tiring of the Chicom thief, liar, and actually slave trader who runs fartebooke, and am SERIOUSLY planning an exit of its use. MeWe sucks, always has since its inception, and has gotten worse: its owner is every bit as arrogant and blown up of hisownself as Ruckersuckie ever thought about being, and the site is USELESS for me as a desktop PC user. I would that it improve, but instead, it continues to degrade so that I of some personal physical issues, and the fact that I'm not a damnable 'smart phone' or a laptop or tablet, makes it TOTALLY worthless for me. I will also be looking into deleting my account there. I want to find a comfortable, USABLE site similar to fartefBooke's platform, to inform my 128 on line brethren where I will settle, post fartefBooke. It won't be MeWe.
    June 8, 2019

  • Naomi van den Heever Hello everyone.
    June 23, 2019

  • peete, sean looks interesting
    May 9, 2018