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  • Mike Pasqua Happy Sunday.
    Mar 29

  • zoltan gabor Don't hide my video !!
    Mar 21

  • Brad Morehouse Now watch the DEMS assassinate Trump and make it look like it was Iran
    Jan 2

  • BETTY JO the last sentence is what fb is doing to him Jon Myers post: “I was the Officer in Charge of the Marine response to the Benghazi attack of 2012, in which the American consulate was destroyed and the Ambassador murdered. I was in charge of a program that had a reinforced company of Marines aboard a US Navy amphibious ship (USS McHenry) conducting amphibious landing exercises around Africa. When the attack happened, we were re-tasked to respond and protect the Embassy. We came up with a plan that included inserting 250 Marines and all their weaponry using Osprey tilt-rotor aircraft, refueling in flight with Air Force tankers, inserting directly into the Embassy. Unbeknownst to most, the State Dept. must approve of military action to reinforce embassies and consulates. At the last minute, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said our plans and actions would “send the wrong message” and that we didn’t want to appear to be “invading the Middle East”. Keep in mind, the American ambassador was just murdered and his body assaulted in a terrorist attack timed to coincide with the 9/11 anniversary. Ultimately, we were directed to insert the Marines via commercial type aircraft and then chartered bus, and not in uniform. In addition to exposing the Marines to incredible risk, it ensured massive delays as well. Contrast that with the response to the current situation with the Embassy in Iraq. It really struck me when I saw the fully outfitted and uniformed Marines reinforcing the Embassy via tactical aircraft landing right on the spot. Followed by 4,000 Army paratroopers moving into position to respond. And now, as of today, 2,000 more Marines en route. Quite a difference isn’t it? Update: apparently I have to inform people every time I post something, if your plan is to post a comment claiming I am an impostor, don’t bother. I will delete it.”
    Jan 2