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  • Nico Fameliaris Well i am back and still here and not lost.We hope they stop the impeachment because President Trump is a wonderfull why would someone give up luxurious lifestyle to put up with ungrateful people
    5 hours ago

  • zoltan gabor Braces
    Wed at 10:34 AM

  • Mike Pasqua Happy Sunday.
    Jan 18

  • Ernest Dempsey As I prepare to leave Facebook and Twitter - having left LinkedIn and for the most part YouTube already - I will be turning to conservative (free) social media exclusively and sharing my blog links. I run the blog out of my own pockets and now it has started making a little money. My blog is conservative/libertarian in its worldview. I hope as support to my efforts, you guys will re-share my links to help me keep and grow my blog, and thus another voice against the establishment. Thanks!
    September 19, 2018

  • Tim Tapp Migration without assimilation is bad for any nation.
    January 28, 2019

  • Ann Ubelis Broadcasting: Turning Points in America, from Hidden Nazi's to Trump Mania Guests: RNC Spokesperson, Liz Harrington, author Dean Reuter, FreedomWorks, John Tamny and War College Instructor, Capt. Ryman Shoaf Watch or listen at: -or- htps:// #KAG, #Trump, #2020Elections, #ImpeachGate, #Syria, #China, #Veterans
    October 11, 2019