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The world is a book. Those who do not connect with others miss many pages.

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  • peter lorince Dr. Schultze has a Poultice for Cancer Directions: Red Clover Blossoms made into a paste and applied externally and drunk internally are a specific for Melanoma. The Blossoms must be harvested when they are purpleish. This is very important. Here is the poultice: In a blender put: 1 healping handful of fresh, (dried if they really are Red Clover Blossoms) Red Clover Blossoms 1 entire bulb of peeled garlic cloves at least 12 large cloves 1/4 cup of fresh grated poke root or 1/3 cup of the dried powder 2 tablespoons of goldenseal root powder 2 tablespoons of activated charcoal 1 teaspoon of Tea Tree OIl 1 cup of Bentontite Clay 1 cup of Slippery Elm Bark (inner bark) Put this in a blender and add enough 50/50 solution of distilled water and raw apple cider vinegar to make a paste. Add at least 1 ounce of Blood Root tincture per 8 ounces of liquid. Blend well Apply to skin. This formula can be proportioned to make less if you want. Unfortunately you will have to make this yourself. IF we had a honest medical system then this would be available at any drug store... "No Name Nutrition" in Omaha should have all of the raw ingredients ..
    August 7, 2018

  • Linda F How come my notifications don't clear off? I've already marked them as read
    Jul 1

  • Sherry Carson There are those who have poured into you. There are those who are running alongside you. There are those that are coming up behind you. People are watching how you run your race. Sounds a little creepy, I know, but nonetheless, it’s true. I entered full time ministry almost 2 decades ago and have amazing, rich relationships and, as a result, friends “in it” with me for the long haul. I call them my “ride or die” friends. There are also many who I started the race with that are no longer running with me, some not running at all. They got tired…some got offended. Others got distracted and they quit. Don’t quit. Choose to run with people who won’t quit and who won’t let you quit. And surround yourself with positive folks. It’s easy to go negative. Don’t take the bait of seeing things in the natural. Ask GOD for faith eyes. Pray and ask GOD for His eyes to see a future that’s filled with “milk and honey” ahead of you. The people of Israel stood at the edge of the Promised Land, ready to cross over into it. They sent 12 spies to scope things out. 10 of the spies saw overwhelming circumstances. Caleb and Joshua saw promise and opportunity. Perhaps it would have been easier to go with the status quo, but they chose faith. They ran towards destiny, not away. Some of my worst days were survived because a friend took my hand and ran next to me, reminding me of GOD’s promise, purpose and destiny. Some trials test and prove your readiness for more revelation of your purpose. Perseverance and faithfulness earn you your gold medal at the end of your race. But remember that you don’t do it all by yourself. Stay the course and don’t run alone Ready, Set, Go - How to Run This Race Called Life By Shunna Jones-Moreno
    Mon at 6:41 PM

  • Mike Pasqua Happy Sunday.
    Jul 7

  • Kristi Mankie Breitbart - Mobile Web · Special Counsel Robert Mueller announced Wednesday the office of the special counsel was closing and he was returning to private life, in his first public comments since his investigation began in May 2017. He reiterated the conclusions outlined in his final report, which Attorney General William Barr released last month. On the subject of whether the Trump campaign conspired with Russia during the 2016 election, Mueller said, “There was insufficient evidence to charge a broader conspiracy.” On the subject of whether President Trump ever criminally obstructed his investigation, Mueller was more vague — saying his team was not confident the president did not commit a crime. However, he did not say his team was confident the president did commit a crime either. “If we had confidence the president did not commit a crime we would have said so,” he said. Mueller said he appreciated Barr making his final report “largely public” and suggested that it would be a waste of time if he testified to Congress. He said he would not go beyond the report in testimony. “The report is my testimony,” he said. A senior White House official told press traveling with President Trump that the White House was notified about the statement the night before, so it was not caught off-guard.
    May 29