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  • Tim Tapp Let me ask the same question that a lot of people are asking (and everyone should be asking, not making excuses for). How can a social media platform(s) suppress a legitimate news story and claim to be trying to protect the free sharing of information? Prevent the sharing of information about a candidate and claim to be preventing election interference? Claim to be a "platform" while trying to control other's content?
    Oct 15

  • Ernest Dempsey Though the optional nature of the chipping in the legislation seems to allow freedom of choice, skeptics are concerned about the privacy and potential abuse of microchipping people.
    Jul 14

  • Kristi Mankie I'm back! I'M BACK!!!
    Oct 15

  • Chris Hempster It occurred to me last night that this whole Covid thing is like watching a TV show - some weird kind of alternate reality. All I know is that if I treat it as such, then I can dip in and out of watching episodes, and then get back to getting on with my life. #COVID #COVID1984
    Oct 15

  • David mosely why did my post go way down to the bottom of the stack ?
    Oct 15

  • Jane Fogg How many people see Billy goat gates as a looney a tick. If he wants rule a country go to the jungle brain wash the apes
    May 14