Privacy Principles was created to not only give you a voice, but to help you connect with friends and family and interact with others who have the same interests and beliefs! While we know that for many being able to share is important, we also recognize that you may not want to share everything with everyone, and that includes us! When it comes to how your data is used, it is important that you have choices. 


These are the Principles that guide how approaches and views privacy:


You control your privacy!

You should be able to make the privacy choices that are right for you, and that is why offers you Privacy Controls that you can tailor to fit your exact privacy needs!


We help people understand how their data is used!

While our Data Policy describes in great detail how we use your data and information, we want to make sure that we are completely transparent with you in this regard! was built with privacy in mind! Products and Services were designed and built with an emphasis on your privacy!


We are working hard to keep your information secure! is working around the clock to keep your accounts and information secure, and to build an online community that is safer and more secure for everyone!


You own your information!

Because you own the information you share in the community, you decide to share and who you want to share it with! At any time, you can delete anything you have posted, and, not only is it removed from your feeds and accounts, but is also deleted from our servers! You can also delete your account at any time.


We are constantly working on improvements!

We are constantly working to develop and integrate new technology and controls that will maintain your privacy, and keep our online community safer and more secure!


We are accountable!

In addition to comprehensive privacy reviews, our Products and Services are put through rigorous data security testing!