A NationStates-Renewal In Christ Living


    • And the preparedness of Christ Lead & Built Cities in your Nation State . A new dedication to God and to your, our Nation State for We The People ! The hell with Agenda 21, 30 and the Unholy alliance of the UN !
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    • Seems to me 44,000 Or 144,000 federal employees is more than 2 to many...

    • Legalese and Corporatism by design is to Subvert the Constitutional Laws! Control society! And eradicate the populous all by design.

    • A State has to have the will of its people to secede from the BEAST Corporate Federalist System.

    • A State must shed off all Federal Depts.

    • A State must absorb those Federal Tax Dollars into its State Coffers.

    • Redistribution of wealth doesn't need a Federal Bureaucracy.

    That Cold Hard Facts - 

    The Ant-Christ Spirits have taken a hold of the populous in America. Satan's time is very short.A few yrs a decade or two at best. He's going to try and take as many souls as he can to Hell.


    Make your Nation State A SANCTUARY STATE for Christian conservatives. 

    Petition your State Govt to write legislation that protects Christians and Patriots and Conservatives.

    If we wait much longer, we will have our heads cut off or be imprisoned or shot or stabbed. We will lose precious lives. We The People Dedicated to God and Country and the Rule of Law. 

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    • GENERAL OVERVIEW OF A FREE Sanctuary Sustainable 

    1. The State creates its own currency and State Banks. 

    2. Collects all taxes. 
    3. Makes its own treaties. 
    4. Has its own law enforcement.
    5. Has its own Utilities Energy Plan
    6. Has its own manufacturing.
    7. Has its own Retail and Service Centers
    8. Every Business & Service is ran and operated independently. With each having and individual business license. 
    9. Owners are a Independant group of citizens. 
    10. Each business and service has its own charter and mission statement to serve all people citizens of the Nation State. 
    11. Money is used by individuals for their private purchases outside of the Nation State or between peoples citizens from in or out of the Nation State. 
    12. Currency is used by every person and business or service as an Inventory Marker Tracker. And its the Nation States legal tender. 

    • Nation State Departments:
    • Include -  
    • Legislative for overseeing - State resources health business law education
    • Land development & Utility
    • Ag & Labor & Business
    • Education & Social Morality
    • Infrastructurer & Transportation
    • Commerce & treaties
    • Law enforcement and courts
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    • Legislative Admin, Senior Dept Management, sub management, support teams. Legal. Services. Voter Administration.
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    • If the parent was not born here and the child grows and becomes a parent, and that child WAS or WAS NOT born here IS deported out. 
    • Can apply for immigration. 
    • Approved 5 yr term with renewal available. Must take classes and assimilate to the Nation States Culture and Ideology and Moral Code of Conduct. 
    • Learn Read Write Speak English. 
    • Employment within 6 months .
    •  Total full time employment 9 months per 12 months. 
    • Part time employment 11 months in any given 16 month period.
    • 5 yr qualified and passes citizen testing becomes Nation State Citizen. 
    • Doesn not qualify or pass 1 yr extension. Then qualify and passes or is deported.

    • Everyone over Nation State Citizen age 18 is issued a pistol and shotgun and 4 rounds of ammo each. Open carry and conceal is required. Training required.

    • Education:   English reading writing moral & social doctrine math history sciences skills sports music film  mechanics wood crafts hunting electronics ceramics medical care biblical relationship

    • Free energy & solar development and Implementation per household and small business. 

    • Hexagonal City  Urban Lots & Ag Nature Land planing, restructuring and transportation. State Money silver backed by state resources-minerals-land labor.

    Money spent must equal a equal return of same money in a plan for money to return to the Nation State. 


    NS buys goods from China with silver money.  China or other State or Country buys goods from NS in silver currency. Money coffers always balance.

    • Banking - tax and wage deposits distribution loans investments. 

    • Land and Infrastructure - plan and develop the new and recycle the old - Hexagonal Land quadrants are apportioned for the needs of the city's residents.

    •  Food transportation housing health education business admin dept. services.

    •  Free Energy Implementation - individual residences and buildings collect and send to energy grid dept for collection storage distribution channels. And sales distribution channel.

    • City Rings - Housing Hubs & Business Hubs with in circling Ag Hubs and outer ring Manufacturing Hubs  - Transportation Infrastructure Land Grid - With Hexagonal City Land Plots with in each quadrant division -

    • Under ground Manufacturing buildings - for yr round temp control.

    • Bio Nature Land Structuring - Nature Plantations- forests- animals- inner City

    • Public Utility Service grids- share underground wiring cables sewer transportation cube tunnels. Eliminating utility poles.

    • Transportation - vehicles - micro-10 passenger vehicles- motorcycles-motor boards & bikes.

    • Residential housing - individual homes-3 level tall / 6 plex buildings. Carport/garages.

    • 1 Story Homes 6 rooms- sheltering.
    • Kitchen bath living bedroom bedroom .
    • Structure Add-On capable-second level bedroom baths. No basement.

    • 2 Story Homes 5 rooms, w basement / sheltering.
    • Kitchen bath living bedroom bedroom .
    • Structure Add-On capable-second level bedroom baths.

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    • Bio-diversity Every land plot quadrant has trees grass bushes for air filtering and oxygenation and animal refuge.

    • Foundational Checkerboard Utility Grid & Transportation Grid follows cube checkerboard tunnel of Utility Grid as lower level layer and is offset to upper level for maintenance digging construction strength.

    • Modular inner building design- for eco-remodeling-re purposing. 5 stories tall 1 basement - sheltering/receiving/garage.
    • Structure steal and cement poured formations.

    • WiFi is all cable ran.
    • Electricity is all cable ran.
    • Radar is low level power 4 times daily at minimum running times minimize environmental impacts.

    • County Grid : Urban Ag Business Deliveries:
    •  9 pm to 7am.
    • Business hours :
    • 9 am to 2 pm. 3pm to 7pm

    • Home / city Schools 8 am-11 12-3pm 6 days.

    • Traffic hours opposite for public & Commerce traffic.
    • Taxi/Drone Delivery - 24/7

    • Ag Designated quadrants- Ag outer rings become back to back of hexagon layout.
    • Outer Ring: Ag & Forestry & Zoo/Animal Plantations.
    • Middle Ring: Home & Business
    • Center Ring: Manufacturing & Services
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    • Land Appropriations Equal:
    • Hexagonal Quadrants.
    • (Outer ring (middle Ring (inner Ring
    • All NATIONSTATE Land & Resources is owned and shared. 
    • Land Apportionment is desired for fairness and overall general populations future needs & benefits.

    • A Hexagonal Land Planning Layout with in counties was chosen to maximize quadrants uses and versatility and efficiencies.

    • Counties are by divisional grid lines.
    • Within each grid box a city can continue to grow outward. Outer edge of quadrants is left for bio and animal refugees & recreation.
    • A city's layout is by Hexagonal Quadrants within a county gridbox. This insures appropriate land and ag development balances with Urban living.
    • Each hexagon has 3  rings: outer middle inner.

    • Transportation lanes are Grid layout in each county as well. IntraState Lanes are nrth to south and east to west.

    • Major highways are nrthwest to southeast and northeast to southwest so they skirt the city hexagonal grid.
    • Highways run inner to outer star grid within each hexagonal city and out to a major Highway or intrastate lanes.
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    • Money flow: wages-taxes-banks-

    • Taxes are a fraud!
    • Currency is invented barter.
    • The Banks Distribute currency.
    • As a Inventory System for Commodity & Product accountability only. To quantify future needs by all sectors.

    • Money is stored Value.

    • Banks are Separated Currency Distribution Centers:

    • for the branches;
    • Business-
    • Services-
    • Wages-

    • Each and every person is credited with 1$ M credit lines accounts at birth.
    • Business credits up to 5$M Credits annually.
    • Services credits up to 5$ M Credits annually.
    • A USB Encrypted Drive Wallet is supplied for deposits and withdrawals.
    • Every week each and every person receives a wage allotment.
    • Eliminates poverty.
    • Loans become rare.

    • 4 tiered Weekly Incomes. Ages 16-96.
    • 500 - 800 - 1200 - 1700 at today's prices.

    • Wage Level Qualifications:
    • Community Standing-disabled age single married family 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 , 7, 8-up Retired-
    • Education attained-
    • Energy Effort Given-
    • Skill Training-

    • Wealth at passing returns to the Public Coffers.

    • TAXES:
    • City Tax levels - 0
    • County Tax Levels -0
    • State Wage Tax Levels-0
    • Federal Tax Levels - 0 zero

    • (Commodity Pricing at wholesale and Retail is reset to 1971 Gold Standard Levels if every State would follow. Basically peso value equals US Currency value.)
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    • The Conversation Needs Roots-

    • I absolutely believe a networked group of people who are evil inspired always destroy the good. Evil in Sheep's clothing. Germany's society rose out of a Christian doctrine,  into secular humanist doctrine living a heathenistic secularist lifestyle. An anti-Christ figure rose out of it. Deceiving the masses. Placating the churches and world leaders.

    • Today's Globalist Luciferians Atheists Muslims Technocrats are diligently infiltrating America and its Politics ! And like Germany will is setting its self up for total destruction and death. God will allow the culling of evil with and by evil.

    • And he will destroy the evil that remains.  He's given America decades of warnings. Christ himself is a warning from two thousand yrs ago. Now America is at the doorstep of Destruction. The fires are burning by the spirits of evil across America.

    • Evil ranks must be eliminated. God Bible and Constitution must be preserved and fought for. Dumbed down is exactly the description of Americans. God never changes. His laws never change. His order never changes. His expectations are clear - Love me,  then obey my commandments !  Receive forgiveness by accepting my son Jesus Christ. Yeshua. Praise me your Father for my grace and mercy and righteousness.

    • There is little time left. A remnant of believers will survive in many lands. Small in number compared to 7.5 Billion People on planet earth.

    • Evil, Aliens, Rebel Angels, Hybrid Humans, the wicked unrighteous, by their own choses will perish ! All nations peoples and new leaders will go to Jerusalem where Christs throne will be. And he will and is the King of the Earth and Universe. His light spiritual and glory will literally light up all space and time.