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Did you know the Christmas tree comes from the pagan ritual created by Nimrod? Its true! And why would we seriously support killing oxygen supplying trees to honor the birth of Yeshua/Jesus? I figured this Eagle tree looks more like a Christmas tree should look like living uncut and with living Eagles for ornaments! p.s. Jesus was born in the fall it was the Catholic church that decided to put Christmas in winter to compete with the pagan's winter solstice. Amen an Have a Merry Christmas! Pr. Kristi-Marie Mankie

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  • Thomas Gilginas
    Thomas Gilginas I lived in Kodiak Alaska and bald eagles where are as plentiful as pigeons in New York. the bald eagles in Kodiak Harbor we're complete Baggers and yelled for you to feed them
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  • Robert Brisbin
    Robert Brisbin I sure do like my Eagles.
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  • Thomas Gilginas
    Thomas Gilginas You know the iconic picture of an eagle swooping down and grabbing a large salmon out of the ocean right? Well let's just say it doesn't always work. There's nothing funnier than seeing an eagle swoop In For the Kill crash land and have to take off out...  
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