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Just in case you didn't know already, I like to clown around from time to time. But don't think for a second that this Marine is pleased with the way our country is turning Muzzie. The leadership of this country is being turned over one office at a time to them. One block at a time in Detroit. New York having their rules being enforced. Soft weak America. Effort times desire equals results. By the way, now that I am not on Mark Zuccermuzzie's platform any longer the pictures they used to send to me to let me know how I was doing on their popularity contest are quite funny to look back on.

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  • Thomas Gilginas
    Thomas Gilginas You are absolutely correct concerning our Eastern Brothers. There is a systematic attempt to infiltrate our nation on the hundred and fifty year plan. They have been doing it this way for 1400 years. If it ain't broke don't fix it. New York City now has...  
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  • Robert Brisbin
    Robert Brisbin Being part of a group that speaks the truth. That is what matters. Friends that care and speak facts. I am not included in the popularity contest. I sent out a couple of these that only work on wifi and still have a couple left if you want one for you or...  
    June 16, 2019